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Title - Idealism in the art of writing

Author : Susunaga Weeraperuma
Publisher : Satyam Books Pvt. Ltd.
Year : 2017
ISBN : 9789383043118
Binding : Hardcover
Edition :
  : 325.00   292.50
  : 325.00   292.50
Book Description

Every writer has the choice of becoming either a
well-to-do spokesperson for others or an
independent commentator who has to fend for
himself. I have opted for a writing career wherein I
can write with a certain independence of spirit:
there is freedom from constraint. I do not write at
anyone's bidding.Why do I write? There is that
feeling that I have something worth saying. What
a world of difference between those who write
just because they want to say something and
those who have something to say!
Instead of craving for recognition, success, stardom and stacks of gold, a real writer
strives for literary perfection. He is essentially a great artist and perfectionist in his
special sphere, although he knows that perfection remains an almost unattainable
dream. So he never loses sight of the need for excellence in all his work. He is
undeterred by the possibility that others might see his writings to be full of flaws.
That understanding enables him to maintain his composure when his adversaries or
literary critics cavil at his compositions. Therefore having a lot of grit is as
indispensable for a writer as possessing a sharp wit.
What are the right criteria for measuring one's success as a writer? I shouldn't think
it's the size of one's bank account, the extent of one's literary fame or the number of
books one has produced. Some would maintain that written excellence is all that
matters. Although literary merit is important of course, the deciding factor is not so
much a book's structure or elegant style as the presence therein of any underlying
themes, principles, or preferably, some philosophical, ethical or moral messages of
lasting value. Only such tomes truly possess that indefinable quality of immortality.
Susunaga Weeraperuma lives in the quietness of a medieval village called Les Arcssur-
Argens in the South of France, devoting his time to Hatha Yoga, organic
gardening, reading, creative writing and contemplation. This prolific author's wide
variety of books range from entertaining collections of essays, short stories and
novels to in-depth studies of religion and philosophy.
Besides Idealism in the Art of Writing, Satyam Books has published two other titles
of this writer — Remembering Krishnamurti: Personal anecdotes about the World
Teacher and Various Kinds of Women: Short Stories.

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